Leadership Spotlight: Kyle Santiago

At 45 inc Birmingham, we pride ourselves on building strong relationships within our business. We want to know who we work with because we believe people work better, harder, and smarter when the company has an invested interest in them. Our most valuable asset is our people and this is a spotlight on one of our top account executives.

“Kyle Santiago is a sharp guy!”

That is the verbiage echoing throughout the halls of 45inc-Birmingham when asked by his peers to describe Kyle in a brief sentence. The Schaumburg, Illinois native who attended Hoffann Estates High School went away to college at Ferris State University in Michigan where he experimented with different activities like being on the cheer team, longboarding, before finally finding solace with archery. He then attended local community colleges to finish up his general education.

Starting out as the new guy in a close knit company like 45 Inc. comes with challenges even someone as educated as Kyle could not overlook. Somehow he managed to still get selected as 45 Inc’s Leadership Spotlight. When asked how he did it, he responded,

“I kept pushing through, I was already going through some personal issues going into the job, which made working a little difficult, but I kept showing up everyday… and everyday I was encouraged at work (45 Inc.) to give 100% on that day. Which then translated into me getting promoted as well as seeing personal growth in my attitude, work ethic, speech and confidence.”


Along with his new found confidence, Kyle is also goal-oriented, giving us insight on his short term goal: Getting promoted to management, mid-term goal: saving $100,000 to start a family, and long term goal: to be able to financially support his mom and wife’s parents. Those are impressive goals and will take a lot of focus from Kyle. We also had to find out what he did as a hobby and where he wanted to travel. Pleasantly surprised to find out traveling was a priority in his life, starting with Australia and New Zealand, then working his way into Asia, Africa, Europe, then finishing off his global conquest with South America. As for hobbies, he explains it best when he says, “I don’t really have any hobbies. I like to learn and try different activities for a certain amount of time. As of right now I’m still in my archery phase.”

Top leaders are always a great asset for a company. 45 Inc. feels like they have found something with Kyle. Since Kyle has made it to leadership we wanted him to divulge a bit of knowledge for the new guys and he had this to say, “Give it a year and in that year, really apply yourself. The results will speak for themselves.” Wise words from a soon-to-be world traveler.


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