45 Inc Birmingham Goes Bowling!

Here at 45 Inc. we are extremely competitive!  We enjoy playing sports and games for event night.  Whether it is Cards Against Humanity or bowling night, we’re always up for some friendly competition.

What are some of your ideas for a competitive team event?  Tweet us your ideas @45incBirmingham!

But why hang out outside of the office?
We believe that the success of 45 Inc. is in strong relationships inside and outside of the office.  Even though 45 Inc. Event Nights are not a mandatory work function, we enjoy each others company outside of the office.  In the office, we can be so serious or focused on the project or goal at hand.  Getting to know each other takes a back seat to getting things done inside the office.  Event nights give the 45 Inc. team the opportunity to get to know each other, “ties off” in a more casual setting.  It’s not only about getting to know each other either!  Learning about each other’s big picture goals, plans and aspirations is a common topic during any 45 Inc. event night.

We encourage team members to bring family and friends around to get to know the people their loved ones spend most of their time with.  To understand what we do and why we do it is important to creating the support system needed to be successful in an entrepreneurial environment.  We understand that loved ones need to see and be involved in the fun company culture we’ve created at 45 Inc.

How we choose what we do for event night is also a team effort!  Top leaders get the privilege to pick and plan our events.  This ensures that we do something that everyone will enjoy doing and gives the top leader a chance to be an event planner!  At 45 Inc., every person part of our management training program needs to learn how to properly plan an event, engage attendees and execute.  We believe that a successful entrepreneur can get a group excited about bowling night!

What are some ways your office team builds?  COMMENT below!

Check out our bowling event night on the video below.  Don’t forget to subscribe to our channel!

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