45 Inc Birmingham Hosts First Three-on-Three Basketball Tournament to Support Alzheimer’s Research


For Immediate Release Contact:
Wrinardo McKennedy
45 Inc. Hosts First Three-on-Three Basketball Tournament to Support Alzheimer’s Research – Birmingham, AL (September 17, 2016) –

45 Inc. hosted its first Three-on-Three Basketball Tournament on Saturday, September 17th at the Mountain Brook YMCA.  Basketball enthusiasts from the office and the community formed teams of 3 to take part in the tournament, which served as a fundraiser Alzheimer’s research.

We asked President, Wrinardo McKennedy, why he supports Alzheimer’s research:

“Both my grandmother’s suffered from the disease before they passed away.  As I saw the disease get worse, it saddened me that they could not recall memories that took a lifetime to build.  My grandmothers inspire me to give back and raise money for important research.  At the end of the day experiences are the most valuable things that we have.  No one should be able to take them away, especially not Alzheimers.”


45 Inc. is committed to creating fun and team building events that raise awareness and funds for awesome causes.  “Basketball is something that I love and it’s something that people in my business love. A lot of us are former athletes.  This event gives us an opportunity to combine something we love with people that we love for a good cause,” says McKennedy.

Over 25 participants came out to play at the YMCA which was a great turnout for 45 Inc.’s first Three-on-Three tournament.  “Patches” was a pick up player from the club and his talent helped his team win the entire tournament.  The six teams raised over $500.

Human Resources Manger, Chrissy, has this to say about the event, “This 3 on 3 tournament was a huge success by raising more awareness and funds for Alzheimer’s Disease.  Not only did we raise over $500 we also had a blast as a company with the community.  After talking to a few people at the event, I realized how many families are affected and how common this disease is.  It feels great to grow together as a community and help raise funds for something that has affected so many of our families. I am looking forward to keep raising funds for Alzheimers with the walk going on this Sunday the 25th and try to raise more awareness.”

45 Inc. believes in servant leadership.  We have been blessed as a team to be successful in the business community and we know that we have to pay it forward.

McKennedy knows that this is just the beginning of 45 Inc.’s long term commitment to raising funds and awareness for Alzheimers.  We look forward to more events with the team and becoming a top fundraiser in the Birmingham area.

For more information on please contact Wrinardo McKennedy at 205-783-5445 or via email at hr@45incalabama.com.


Located in the heart of Birmingham, Alabama, 45 Inc. is changing the face of direct sales & leadership development.  45 Inc. is a leading sales and marketing firm representing a Fortune 500 telecom client in the greater Birmingham, AL region.  45 Inc.’s mission is to give you the freedom to create your own security.  Philanthropy and giving back to the community are key building blocks for the development of the 45 Inc. team. For more information, call 205-783-5445 or go to http://www.45incalabama.com.


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