Birmingham’s Very Own Chicagoan – Harrison Ruesch

Simply systematic. That’s how we would describe Harrison Ruesch, Assistant Manager, and soon to be Campaign Manager here at 45 Inc Birmingham! In an industry that thrives on being able to duplicate success to help our client expand nationally, Harrison is as structured and consistent as they come. It’s no surprise to us that within a year of helping 45 Inc open in Birmingham he was promoted into our executive team and is being featured as May’s “Rising Star”.

A product of Chicago’s sport-minded culture, Harrison grew up in Hoffman Estates as athletic as they come! Playing baseball since he was old enough to hold a bat, Harrison attributes his team-oriented nature and competitiveness to his childhood and teenage years on the field. Adding wrestling during his high school years helped Harrison learn greater disciple – a trait he says helps him hold a successful leadership role at 45 Inc Birmingham.

Attending the University of Illinois (go fighting Illini!), Harrison studied agriculture and business, graduating with a Bachelor’s in Technical Systems Management. Contemplating what he wanted to do with his major, Harrison started looking for entry level positions in Chicago. After meeting 45 Inc’s CEO, Wrinardo McKennedy, Harrison was intrigued by the company’s Management Training Program and decided to give it a try. Unsure if it would be the best-fit long-term, as he had no experience in marketing or sales, Harrison spent the next month learning systems and procedures that helped promote him in a Team Lead position quickly. A lack of experience was made up twice fold with work ethic and a student’s mentality.

When 45 Inc announced that it was relocating to Birmingham less than a year after he started, Harrison was faced with the decision of staying in Chicago or moving to the South. He decided to continue what he had started and relocated to Birmingham on March 4th, 2016. In exactly 1 year, Harrison was promoted to an Assistant Management role – a coveted position within the company where he is now learning more operational aspects like payroll, advertisement, and human resources.

When he’s not working, you can find Harrison playing Frisbee golf, watching The Office on Netflix, listening to TED Talks, discovering new restaurants with his significant other, or cheering on his beloved Cubs. A fun fact about Harrison is that he went home to Chicago to see the Cubs play the final World Series game and was there with his friends and family to celebrate the victory!! As he plans to help expand 45 Inc out of Birmingham within the next 6 weeks, Harrison reminds us that you don’t have to know what you want to do every day for the rest of your life; as long as you are consistent in your efforts and how you treat people, you’ll get exactly where you want to go.

Harrison – we’re so proud to work with someone of your caliber. Your work ethic, humor, and personality have made you the ultimate addition to our growing team, and we know your best is yet to come as you help us oversee our next office location. Keep up the amazing work, congratulations on this promotion and blog bragging rights!




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