Going For The Goal: Je’Niah’s Story

Here at 45 Inc Birmingham, we believe there’s something about the spirit of an athlete that translates well into business.

Athletes are resilient, dedicated, focused, hard-working- all adjectives that describe Je’Niah Jackson. A Birmingham native from the suburban area of Center Point, Je’Niah grew up from the age of 3 on a football field. With a life centered around athletics at a young age, Je’Niah and his older brother learned what it meant to work hard for their goals.

When his parents, Eddie & J’Wanda, realized that their sons needed to be in a more football-centric city, they moved their family to Hoover, AL when Je’Niah was in elementary school. From elementary to middle school, Je’Niah recalls working out, practicing and playing non-stop, determined to take football as far as he could. Also heavily involved in his family’s church and the drummer of the choir, Je’Niah attributes his love for team activities and people to what he participated in as a child and teenager.

Making the varsity football team as a sophomore in high school, Je’Niah went on to be All-State his Junior and Senior year, as well as the #1 Linebacker in his region his final year of school. Catching the eye of several D1 Universities, Je’Niah accepted a scholarship to the University of Alabama-Birmingham and played his heart out the next 3 1/2 years there. An Industrial Distribution major (yes, he’s a brain too!), Je’Niah graduated early in December 2016 after several intensive years of balancing both a business/engineering major and collegiate-level athletics. Beyond that, he was also heavily involved in Greek Life, rushing Kappa Alpha Psi as a Junior. (Talk about learning time-management!)

Meeting CEO, Wrinardo McKennedy, and Team Lead, Charles Johnson, at a career fair hosted by UAB in early March, Je’Niah was instantly attracted to the sports-oriented nature of 45 Inc Birmingham’s Management Program.  Knowing that his work ethic and competitive drive would help in excel in any career path he chose, Je’Niah committed to 45 Inc Birmingham in April and has already made a name for himself as a top-performing, goal-getting, force of nature!

Within his first month, Je’Niah has already had the opportunity to travel to Memphis and Houston for work, and will soon accompany the Executive Team to a national-level sales conference in New Orleans in 2 short weeks! With the motto “work hard for the results you want” driving him, Je’Niah impresses us daily with his ability to set goals and exceed them – both for himself, the office, and the client.

When Je’Niah isn’t working, you can find him reading 21 Irrefutable Laws Of Leadership by John Maxwell, hanging out with his fraternity brothers or co-workers, or watching football and building his fantasy lineup! A play-maker in our office, we are THRILLED by his’s performance so far, but more so his ability and potential. With goals of being promoted into an Assistant Management position within 45 Inc Birmingham by August and Management by the end of the year, we see nothing but W’s for this guy’s future!

Je’Niah – we are incredibly proud of you and grateful to have you as a part of our all-star team. We appreciate the energy and competitiveness you bring to the office, and can’t wait to see what all you accomplish during your Management Training. Until then, follow Je’Niah’s career on Instagram @45IncBirmingham, and stay tuned towards the end of the year when we’re writing about his next promotion!



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