45 Inc Birmingham is Expanding Again!

When you work in an industry like ours, you witness growth frequently. Why? Direct marketing & sales (i.e, face-to-face interaction with customers) will never become obsolete because neither is affected by globalization or the state of the economy. When we bring our client 500 customers one month, the next month they increasingly (and naturally) want MORE! The opportunity to grow and expand our client’s market share and reach is more available than ever, and accordingly, a career in sales and sales management. 45 Inc Birmingham has taken advantage of the opportunity to expand our client’s name into 3 additional markets and promote multiple individuals into sales management roles…and we’ve just done it again!! 

title_world_us_fortsmithWHERE ARE WE GOING?

Where is 45 Inc Birmingham expanding to next? We are proud to announce that we will now oversee the market in Fort Smith, Arkansas! Because of our success in our current markets – Birmingham, Memphis, and Raleigh – our multi-billion dollar telecommunications client wants us to further their services and success into new places across the country! While we’re keeping our talents so far to the South, we have no doubt by 2020 we will help our client extend their reach from coast to coast.


Newly promoted Sales Manager, Harrison, will be overseeing 45 Inc Birmingham’s latest expansion to Fort Smith. Harrison started with the company in March 2016 as a Management Trainee after relocating from Chicago to Birmingham. After successfully completing 15 months of intensive leadership development, he will be helping our client with operations in Arkansas and overseeing his own branch office. Harrison saw the opportunity to operate as both a leader and entrepreneur and ran with it. Read more of his background story here


Fort Smith is the second largest city in the state of Arkansas with a wide demographic and a rich culture. The best part, business-wise, is that there are no other direct marketing and sales firms in the area representing our client, so the market is untapped and prime territory for our client. 


45 Inc Birmingham’s s its doors in Fort Smith on July 10! Harrison and his team are preparing their move as we speak and are excited to get the ball rolling. With a new office suite and housing already prepared,  it’s just time for a fresh coat of paint and to pack the moving van!


With continued demands from our current client and all future prospects, 45 Inc Birmingham has plans to expand into 12 new locations by 2020…and we won’t stop there. With a team of motivated, passionate individuals looking to further their careers, our goals are easily within reach. To keep up with the entire 45 Inc Birmingham team and our expansion, follow us on Twitter @45incbirmingham and be sure to congratulate Harrison on this massive milestone in his career in the comments below! 


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