Sales Careers: Scary or Satisfying?

If you’re like any of our team members here at 45 Inc Birmingham, you’ve doubted your ability to sell at some point in your professional life. Whether it be the stereotype that making a sale is difficult or you have trouble breaking the ice with new people, we’ve all wondered whether we could be successful doing sales. So, why even start a career in sales at all? 45 Inc Birmingham has narrowed it down to two points on why sales is a smart career move.

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1. Everything you do is based on performance.

If you’ve ever had a job that pays hourly, this point will definitely hit home for you. Did you notice other employees slacking off while you’re working hard, yet your paycheck is the same as theirs at the end of the week? Most individuals wouldn’t see the point in working harder than others if they aren’t rewarded for it. 45 Inc Birmingham believes that a person should be paid for what they are worth, and they shouldn’t be told they are only worth a certain amount per hour, and nothing more.

In sales, the harder you work, the more you make. Sounds great, right? Well, let’s play devil’s advocate; what if you don’t make any sales? We hear this question from job seekers frequently, and we find that this question stems from a person’s level of confidence and work ethic. They may not be confident in their sales ability, and that’s ok; however, how can one ever improve personally or professionally if they aren’t willing to step outside their comfort zone? In any sales career, such as a position at 45 Inc Birmingham, thorough, hands-on training is provided to all team members. Inadequate training isn’t an option at our company; if our team isn’t successful, then our multi-billion dollar client, AT&T, wouldn’t want to work with us, so wouldn’t it make sense to provide the BEST training possible? If you’re set up for success from the very beginning, high compensation in a sales career is inevitable.

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2. You develop lifelong skills.

According to Forbes, the 7 most important skills for job seekers to have are: Top-Notch Communication Skills, Creativity, Curiosity, Good Writing Ability, Ability To Play Well With Others, Re-engineering Skills, and Computer Skills. Notice how communication is number one on the list. Whether you want a long-term career in sales or not, you MUST be able to effectively communicate with others if you want to be successful!

Many individuals are afraid of public speaking. For example, Warren Buffet, a self-made billionaire, was so terrified of public speaking that he dropped out of Dale Carnegie’s public speaking class after his first day because he was worried he would have to speak in front of others. Instead of giving up, Buffet knew he needed to develop this skill in order to be successful, so he enrolled again and proudly displays his Dale Carnegie certificate on his wall to this day. It is examples like these that remind us of how important it is to be an excellent communicator, a crucial skill here at 45 Inc Birmingham.


We consider a career in sales to be satisfying, as long as you’re looking for a career that rewards hard work and builds critical life skills. To learn more about our current open positions at 45 Inc Birmingham, visit our website or CareerBuilder page!


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