45 Inc Presents: Cheering On Charles 📣

When people say age is just a number, we think to ourselves “they must have met Charles!” 

Rich in wisdom far beyond his years, Charles Johnson is by far one of the most even-keeled, optimistic individuals we’ve ever had cross our doors here at 45 Inc in Birmingham, AL. Even after 9 months with our organization, he still finds ways to impress our entire team, reminding us that professionalism and integrity never go out of style!

Birmingham born & raised, Charles grew up a precocious child in a bustling household with 5 siblings! Smart as a whip and as chatty as they come, Charles recalls talking his mom’s ear off and being known at school for his social, mischevious nature. With a love for science & technology, he lived inside textbooks, using all of his free time to do experiment after experiment! After begging his mom to let him play football for months, she finally relinquished and Charles found a love for the game – specifically tackling people (haha)! For 6 years straight he played at a competitive level until a major back injury forced him to put the game on pause.

Pursuing his love for the sciences, Charles enrolled in a pre-pharmacy program at Samford and completed 2 years of schooling before accepting a pharmacy externship. Upon realizing that his future looked like 12 hour days standing behind a counter, Charles realized it was time to switch his career plans sooner rather than later. He began working at a local daycare and it was there one of the father’s introduced him to a career with Ongaurd Security!

For the next 3 years, Charles spent his time dedicated to Ongaurd, installing security systems all across Birmingham. In his free time, he taught himself coding, web & graphic design, even starting his own freelance business on the side! When fate brought Charles across the hall from 45 Inc to install a security system and he saw dozens of sharp professionals walking into the business, his interest was instantly peaked. Deciding to Google 45 Inc and see what the company was all about, he felt unqualified due to his inexperience in the sales field but decided to call the Human Resources office on a whim. Fortunately, who he spoke to encouraged him to still submit an application and not even 3 interviews later, Charles was officially offered a position within our company’s Management Training Program!

Within intentions of starting with the company to learn how to run a small business, Charles feels he has learned that and some since starting with 45 Inc in December of 2016! Now more confident in sales, customer acquisitions, training, interviewing, and making quicker managerial decisions, Charles is confident by the end of the year he’ll be helping 45 Inc & client expand into a new market.

Despite learning lessons and curves along the road, Charles has maintained an attitude that his Management Training is like basic training for the military – challenging and career defining – but shaping him into a stronger, more efficient leader! Inspired to be a business owner/entrepreneur by his 3-year-old daughter, Charles works with an intensity that leaves others envious of his work ethic.

When he’s not working, you can find Charles spending time with his beautiful daughter, his family, or doing something athletic! With aspirations to provide his family with the best life possible, Charles sets records in our office weekly and is on a sure path to Assistant Management and Management within our organization! While his youth in our business is relatively new, Charles proves that anything is possible in a performance based environment. We can’t wait to see that he accomplishes during his time with us and wanted to write this blog and thank him for already improving the culture and standard of excellence within our company. Go on with your amazing self, Charles!

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